Jacksons Fencing

Tongue & Groove Effect Panels

  • All timber used throughout is superior quality Jakcured softwood guaranteed for 25 years
  • Designed for use with slotted Jakposts
  • Morticed and tenoned frame for extra strength
  • Matches Courtyard Gates
  • Centre rail(s) for additional support
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • All timber is planed all round

These luxury panels are supplied in a jakcured frame.  Panels are 1830mm wide, with heights of 0.9m to 1.8m. Top and bottom rails 70 x 51mm and sides 45 x 51mm.  The infill of the panel is a tongue and groove board which matches the infill used on our Courtyard Gates.  The centre of the panel is given additional support with one or two 70mm wide rails depending on the fence height.

Chevron Hit & Miss Panels

This new design has advantages over our standard chevron panel; it offers more privacy and is a barrier, also its visual appearance is excellent both sides, which gives your neighbour the same fence as you!

  • All timber used throughout is superior quality Jakcured softwood guaranteed for 25 years
  • Designed for use with slotted Jakposts
  • NEW Design – looks good both sides
  • Fixings are stainless steel
  • Morticed and tenoned frame for extra strength
  • Centre rail(s) for additional support
  • All timber is planed all round


Panels are 1.83m wide, framed with 45 x 50mm, infill boards 95 x 8mm supplied in natural Jakcured timber and planed all round

Chilham “good both sides” Panel & Gate

This unique design was developed so we can offer you a premium panel that has no rails on either side to spoil either your’s or your neighbour’s view.

Chilham panels are framed for use with our slotted Jakposts. Constructed from Jakcured softwood, using a unique interlocking grooved board system. Panels are 1.83m wide with four panel heights available.

Matching gate available 1m wide for fence height 1.83m, either right or left hand hanging when viewed from the front. (Other gate heights available as a special order).

Standard Trellis Panels 138mm Squares

Standard Trellis panels for use with slotted Jakposts come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to create the perfect screen for your garden. Divide areas off or create intimate areas for dining or relaxing, combine them with planters and decorative post caps for the complete look.

  • All timber used throughout is superior quality Jakcured softwood guaranteed for 25 years
  • Superior planed finish
  • Top/Capping Rail 50 x 45mm
  • Bottom & Side frame batten 38 x 19mm
  • Panel infill battens are 25 x 19mm set at 162mm centres
  • Create enclosures, screens and feature structures in your garden
  • Ideal for climbing plants to grow up
  • All fixings are stainless steel
  • All panels are 1.83m wide
  • Comes complete with Capping Rail or Capping Strip on Convex and Concave

For Convex and Concave toppers use code 634800 (convex) & 634900 (concave), these are designed to use as toppers for the standard trellis panels on this page and all our other standard garden panels.

Please Note: Square Top Trellis Topper panels for use with other Fence Panels in our range, Codes 638100 0.6m high & 638700 0.3m high. These panels are 1.83m wide with infill at 137mm pale centres. These topper panels have a different pale centre which means they do not match other standard trellis panels.

Featherboard Panels

  • Rails are precision sawn, resulting in a neater finish and increased strength
  • Designed for use with slotted Jakposts
  • All fixings stainless steel or galvanized
  • Constructed with three rails for extra strength
  • New improved heavier top and bottom rails for extra strength
  • Matching Featherboard gates available
  • Optional Capping Rails available

One of the strongest panel fencing available. All weathered, clad with 100mm featherboard pales. We have now improved the specification on these panels by making the top and bottom rail heavier, this means an even stronger fence for you. All panels are 1.83m wide and 50mm thick, if you need a narrower panel to complete your fence, it is fine to cut a panel to the correct size on site. although it is important to remember to treat cut ends with Jakcure End Grain Preservative.

Also known as Closeboard fencing, Close Board Panels or Feather Edge fencing.

Slotted Jakposts – panel fence posts

Our slotted Jakposts are designed to work with all of our fencing panels from Jaktop and Palisade to Featherboard, and even our Premier Trellis panels.

All panels slot easily into position as shown here. And there are many other benefits of using Jakposts, as opposed to old fashioned square section posts:

  • Jakposts reduce damage caused by wind movement when panels are nailed to posts
  • No more frost damaged cracked or chipped concrete posts
  • Easy to carry – lighter than concrete posts
  • Environmentally friendly
  • More supportive than square section posts
  • Easier to erect than concrete posts
  • Complete range of panels to slot in Jakposts
  • Gravel boards, capping and finials available
  • Heavy Duty post options