Sports court Fencing

We are able to offer tailormade solutions for sports
fencing according to the particular requirements of the
site. These include a variety of goalmouth options,
basketball backboards, hoops and posts and cranked
extensions accepting mesh panels for the top of the
fencing. These options can be applied to the “Rebound”
mesh system or to the standard “Double 8” mesh system

Sizes according to type of sport being played
Supplied with lintels above goal to take height
to top of fencing.
Lintels can have provision to accept crossbar of
basketball post.
Goal areas can be supplied as recesses in the rear
fenceline with a lintel above or as independent
freestanding entities, enabling escape routes.
The freestanding goalmouths can be set within
the perimeter of the pitch or outside it and they can
be installed in a “V” shape configuration to assist
ball retention within the playing area.
Backboards supplied in 66.7mm x 50mm
welded mesh as standard but option of
weatherproof boarding is available.
Rings are 450mmm diameter and are set at
3.05m above the pitch surface in
accordance with relevant standards.
The backboards project out from the face
of the mesh fencing.