Security Fencing

Galvanised Steel Palisade

Palisade fencing is produced in profile sections with two grades of specification – ‘GP’ for General Purpose or ‘SP’ for Security Purpose. We can offer Palisade fencing with either traditional ‘D’ section pales or ‘W’ section pales in a full range of heights from 1.2 metres up to 3.6 metres. All fences are manufactured from material sizes specified within the requirements of British Standard 1722 part:12 1990.

A comprehensive range of sections, heads and fasteners provide the opportunity to select specifications to suit the security requirements of individual sites. The choice of securing the pale sections  with M8 rivets or high tensile bolts with anti-vandal fasteners can increase the security of the fencing to your projects.

Chain Link  PVC Coated Galvanized Core

  • Chain Link fencing conforms to BS 1722 part 1. Wire used is to BS 4102 plastic coated is Grade A galvanized core except 1.7/2.5mm and 2.24/3.15mm which is grade B galvanized core
  • Line wire is supplied with each roll.
  • All 50mm Mesh
  • Green Coated PVC
  • Black available, prices on application

Suggestions for use:

  • The galvanized tubular system gives greater support strength to the chain link & prevents deformation of the top
  • 1.7/2.5mm are suitable for general domestic use, 2.24/3.15 for site compounds and tennis courts – 2.75m high
  • For heavy industrial use 2.5/3.55mm, 3/4mm or 3.5/4.75mm according to situation
  • 40mm and 45mm mesh are available as a special in some heights and gauges

Galvanised Welded Mesh

Heavy Welded Mesh

  • Galvanized to BS EN 10223
  • Supplied in 12.5m or 25m Roll
  • Choice of Galvanized, Green PVC or Black PVC finishes

Light Welded Mesh

  • Ideal for pet cages, puppy runs and aviaries, other uses include greenhouse staging for making trays baskets and seeding guards.
  • Supplied in 6m or 30m Roll
  • Galvanized finish

Welded Mesh Clip Tool & Clips

  • Fast method of attaching welded mesh providing high level of security
  • Stainless Steel clips in pack of 1443

Also known as Weld mesh or Weldmesh